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The Transportation team play an essential role in transporting the clients to and from their destinations. Whether it is a driver for airport transfers, important business meetings or to travel with a touch of style, the transportation team must be ready to move at a moment’s notice depending on the clients' wishes.

Job roles within the transportation team include fleet managers and chauffeurs/private drivers. Fleet managers are responsible for maintaining and purchasing vehicles, driver recruitments and ensuring all of the registration and licencing requirements are in place. They may also be tasked with finding ways to cut costs while continuing to provide a high-quality service and maximise profits.

A chauffeur/private driver must be professional at all times, have expert knowledge and be able to problem-solve to ensure that they meet the client’s needs.


To become a fleet manager, employers typically like the applicants to have a degree in Logistics or Accounting and have some prior experience in a logistics role. Fleet managers must also have good organisational and leadership skills and be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Attention to detail, good interpersonal skills and computer/software skills are also sought after. Fleet managers must also be flexible, as they may be on call during weekends and holidays to handle any emergencies that may arise.

Although there are no formal qualifications to become a chauffeur or private driver, an up-to-date and clean drivers’ licence is essential, as well as having a good understanding of the local area and being courteous and professional at all times. Chauffeurs are also responsible for the vehicle they drive, making sure that it is clean and well-maintained, as well as having the ability to interact with clients and passengers in a warm, proficient manner. Applicants must also be flexible, with the ability to works on evenings, weekends and public holidays as required by the client.

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