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Sport & Activities

Sport & Activities

In the category, you will find a wide range of job roles within the sports and activities sector. Jobs include a wide range of instructor roles from tennis and skiing to yoga and golf. You will also find jobs that keep you active such as animal caretaker, horse keepers and dog sitters.


While many of the job roles in this category do not require any formal qualifications, applicants must have a good working knowledge about the sport/activity they are teaching, be enthusiastic and enjoy working with others and be physically fit and have the stamina to work long hours.

Some job roles may require you to have certain certificates to apply or to be members of a professional organisation to demonstrate your competence and skill level. Sports instructors may also be required to pass background checks, especially if they will be training children.

Many employers will be looking for applicants who have first aid training, good communications skills and the ability to teach students at varies levels of competence. Some employers may also like to see some basic computer skills in order to keep track and monitor client’s performances.

Being a sports instructor can be a very fulfilling career; not only do you get to meet and train new people, but you also get the satisfaction of seeing your students achieve things they never felt possible. Many sports instructors also have the opportunity to travel and teach in different countries around the world.

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