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Shooting Party

Shooting Party

Shooting party staff are experienced at working in remote locations, making them adept at using their initiative and thinking on their feet. The job roles within the shooting party include gamekeepers, lodge managers, chefs, hosts/hostesses and housekeepers to make sure that the lodge runs smoothly and that all guests’ needs are catered for.


Gamekeepers work closely with landowners and farm managers to ensure that there is enough game in their beats for shooting. They may also be called upon to manage and protect wildlife habitats from predators, make necessary repairs to equipment and enclosures, and arrange shoots and hire beaters.

There is no official qualification needed to become a gamekeeper, but applicants must have a good knowledge of the countryside and its wildlife, be physically fit and have good health and safety protocols when dealing with guns.

Along with the gamekeeper, the shooting party includes lodge staff who make sure that the lodge is clean, warm and welcoming for guests. Job roles include housekeepers, chefs and hosts/hostesses who will be tasked with day-to-day responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the lodge.

Lodge couples are usually married and bring a multitude of skills and knowledge to the table. They are adept at meeting and greeting guests and ensuring that they have a great stay. Some lodge couples have other skills such as cooking, housekeeping or management experience and can look after the day-to-day running of the lodge.

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