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2nd Officer/ Pilot (Private Jet)

Generally, second-in-command on a private jet, second officer will be required on international or long-haul flights where more crew are required to allow for adequate crew rest periods. Responsible for working with the Captain/Pilot, assisting with administrative and safety procedures on board. The ideal candidate should be up to date on all products and repair procedures, possess strong leadership skills, a professional, safety-first mindset and experience. It’s likely that no two days will be the same and you may be required to fly anywhere in the world.

Salary range

EUR 5000 to EUR 7000 Per Month

Qualifications, training and skills required
  • High degree of technical knowledge, specific aircraft systems and electronic equipment, aircraft emergency procedures, instrument flight procedures, country specific aviation regulations, international flight rules and employer operating procedures
  • Ability to work under pressure, able to take instruction and act quickly and precisely, while operating in and out of many large and small airports often during adverse weather
  • Knowledge of safety procedures on board
  • Advanced product knowledge
  • Professional conduct
  • Reporting to the Captain/Pilot, your personality and disposition must ensure you inspire confidence and reassurance at all times
  • Maintain high level of knowledge and proficiency, to safeguard the lives of your passengers, crew and cargo as well as your employer’s valuable asset
  • Specified hours flying time
  • Ability to coordinate with other departments to ensure air transportation requirements and schedules are met
  • Highly personable and presentable
  • Up to date training to solve aircraft equipment problems and administrative duties
  • Proficiency in specified aircraft
  • Specified pilot licences and skill level required
  • Analysis of weather data, referring to technical manuals, calculating aircraft performance etc
  • Experience coordinating with Air Traffic Control personnel and aircraft maintenance departments.
Extra desired training
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate to ensure medical standards are maintained in accordance with pilot’s licence
  • Valid Visa dependent on location
  • Knowledge of multiple languages