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The Aviation team play a pivotal role in the transportation of clients to and from their destinations. This encompasses all roles of the aviation sector, including pilots and engineers, flight attendants and air host/hostesses who each have a specific role in creating a hassle-free travelling experience for the client. Jobs within the aviation sector include Pilots (Private Jet/Helicopter), 2nd Officers (Private Jet/Helicopter), Flight Mechanics/Engineers, Chief Flight Attendants and Flight Attendants. Daily roles may include getting the aircraft ready for flight, including all pre-flight checks, greeting passengers to ensure they are safe and comfortable and conducting safety checks.


Because each job role has specific requirements, you will usually need previous experience, qualifications and/or certificates in the role being applied for. Pilots often need to be educated to a bachelor’s degree level in an aviation field, have completed several training courses and have more than 1,500 hours of flight experience. Pilot applicants must have a commercial pilot's license, and other qualifications may also be needed, such as instrument rating certification or airline transport pilot certification.

Flight mechanics are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the aircraft, as well as performing pre-flight safety checks and routine checks on all aircraft systems. Applicants must have a good understanding of maths and science, be a fully qualified aircraft mechanic and have previous experience with the aircraft they will be looking after.

Flight attendants are the faces of the aviation team and have the most interaction with the aircraft’s passengers. They must ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers and be able to problem-solve and respond to any emergencies that may arise. Although previous experience is not necessary, it is recommended as applicants must be able to cater for a diverse variety of passengers and may be asked to work irregular hours depending on the client’s needs.

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