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  • Posted by: Recruitment Agency

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This sweet family 3 children: 1.5 year-old girl, 4-year-old girl and 5-year-old girl and is seeking a creative, engaging and kind nanny to stay with their family long-term. Oldest child is in full-day school (currently in-person), middle child is in preschool in the mornings (currently in-person), so majority of the day will be spent with the 1.5 year old. Duties include: getting children ready for the day (dressed, brush teeth, etc.), preparing simple snacks and meals for kids, care for 1 year old (diapers, meals, naps, etc.), occasionally take children to/from school (sometimes parents will do this and sometimes will have the nanny do it), play and engage in developmentally appropriate activities with kids--arts and crafts, games, singing songs, reading books, outside time, sports, etc, take to parks, playgrounds, tidy up common areas, teach children to pick up their messes/keep play areas neat/tidy and load/unload dishwasher. It's important that the nanny is talking to the 1.5 year old in order to help with language development. The ideal nanny will be able to be creative and come up with fun activities to do with the kids throughout the day. Nanny should be communicative, loving and creative. Parents currently work from home at this moment. This is a long-term position for 5 days and 40 hours a week. Work days and hours: Monday-Friday: 8/9am-4/5pm NOTE: Start time will typically vary between 8-9am and end time will vary between 4-5pm. Nanny will be guaranteed 40 hours/week, though. NOTE: Nanny must be an experienced driver and can use family vehicle.

Salary: $18-$22 per hour TAKE HOME Benefits:2 weeks paid vacation, 9 national holidays, 3 sick days. Family has no pets.


  • Posted 16th Sep 2020 by Agency


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