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What makes Villa Recruit Unique?

Founded by staff working within the industry, Villarecruit entered the market in 2019 with a unique active software system that effectively sifts and matches individual data (i.e. staff and candidate CVs & profiles) with the specification of the position, giving you the very best candidates available in order of percentage match (%) and suitability. The website builds upon the success of its sister website www.yotspot.com, used to find yacht crew within the luxury yachting industry.

What is your Traditional Crew Placement Service?

There will always be a need for bespoke placement within the private staffing industry. For those that do not want to search for staff themselves we offer a Traditional Placement service. Let the Villarecruit team do the hard work for you. We have industry standard rates, warranties, and offer a unique personal service. Villarecruit will present a list of candidates that not only fit your wants and needs but ones that have also been hand picked through interviews, referencing, and recommendations. We don't just want to fill positions; we want to fill positions with the right people. What's more, if you don't employ a candidate of ours, you don't pay a penny.

For terms and conditions, please contact us or call now on +44 (0)2380381929

How do I find the right staff when using the website?

Registering is fast and free. Simply click 'Find crew' on the title bar or click 'Post a job'. Follow the instructions and specify the qualifications, experience and skill attributes that are most important to you and then post the position live on the homepage, it's that easy!

Once live, email alerts get sent to all relevant candidates encouraging them to apply for the position. All crew are then ranked (%) in order of suitability, based upon your criteria. A filter system also exists so you can quickly find your staff with a short-listing function also available.

Alternatively, you can also search our crew database of 2641 members directly.

How do I apply for Jobs?

Registering is fast and free. Complete your unique online profile and upload your CV/Personal Statement, Certifications and References. Simply click 'Jobs' on the title bar and start your search. When you find a position that interests you, just click 'I'm interested' and you're done.

You can follow your progress with an application by clicking your 'My Jobs' section and here you'll be kept informed on all the positions you've applied for, whether you've been shortlisted and can also reply to any messages you may have been sent by employers.

What kind of positions might I find on Villa Recruit?

Villarecruit is designed to cater for a wide variety of roles within Private Households & Estates, Aviation and Corporate Hospitality events. Roles might include but not limited to Aviation e.g. Private Jets, Childcare, Education and Health, Estate Management, PA & Office work, Maintenance, Grounds and Facilities, Private Security, Service e.g. Housekeeping, Shooting Parties, Yachts, Ski Chalet Operations, Sport & Activities, Transportation e.g. Private Driver and more.

To find jobs please click here https://www.villarecruit.com/job-search.html

What about my personal information and privacy?

Privacy is extremely important to us and we adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). The dissemination of your personal information (your profile) is at your complete discretion and at no time shall Villa Recruit be involved in the collection or otherwise sharing of your personal information other than that described in our privacy agreement.

How do I delete my account?

Please contact us or log in to your 'My Profile' section.

What is The Villa Recruit 24/7 Account Subscription all about?

Subscription to The Villa Recruit 24/7 Account is available for 3 or 12 month(s). By subscribing to Villa Recruit you will gain unrestricted access to our entire crew database (2641 members) 24/7, 365 days a year. This includes unlimited postings, ALL crew contact details, CVs, references & certificates. It also brings peace of mind that whenever you're looking for crew you have the latest CVs at the click of a button. This is the ultimate utility for finding crew on the move, allowing you to search for crew whenever and wherever you want and allows the user to intelligently search our database, post unlimited job postings with all applicants ranked in order of suitability.

Tired of having to compare CVs?

All our candidates have the Villa Recruit crew profile, a CV designed with the employer in mind, providing all the necessary information you need to make your hiring decision easy!

How much does it cost?

By taking out a membership to The Villa Recruit 24/7 Account you can hire as many staff as you like without paying commission. 'Pay Now' for instant access. All prices are subject to a 2% processing fee and VAT if applicable.

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The Villa Recruit 24/7 Account is an auto-renewal subscription based service. After your chosen membership has expired it will automatically renew.

You can cancel this membership at any time by simply contacting us. For more information, please visit our terms & conditions.

What is your Refund Policy with The Villa Recruit 24/7 Account?

If you do not employ or find a relevant candidate from our database, simply contact us within 30 days of 'posting a position' or subscribing to our service(s) and we shall give you a 100% refund.

I need to report abuse and or misleading/inaccurate profiles?

We are sorry to hear this!

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information within profiles is accurate and up to date, ultimately this responsibility lies with the individual user. If for any reason you feel certain individuals have misrepresented themselves or as a user have suffered harassment from using our services, please contact us as soon as possible, mentioning the individual's Villa Recruit user ID including your JOB ID (if relevant) and we shall take the appropriate administrative action.

How long does my advert appear on the site?

As soon as your advert goes live, potential staff will be able to see your advert and apply for the position.

Your listing will appear on our homepage for 21 days and during this time you can collect an unlimited number of candidate profiles but only from individuals who are 'interested' in applying. This method provides you with real-time applicants that are eager to be taken forward to next stage of the interview process, saving you a considerable amount of time and resources.

What happens after 21 days?

We realise that the recruitment process can take time. After 21 days your listing is removed from the homepage, but you are still allowed access to all the employee profiles that applied for another 7 days. This gives you time to make any final decisions and process some last minute applicants. You then have the option to shortlist those candidates that really appeal and make use of our internal messaging system to arrange interviews or access telephone/ emails addresses in order to move the process forward.

What is the difference between the Basic and Advanced search?

Unlike traditional sites, Villarecruit unique selling point is that you can specify key attributes you require from your crew when you design your job advert or perform a search. The 'Basic' search deals with information such as where you would like your staff located and how many years experience you would like, whereas the 'Advanced' search deals with specifics such as qualifications and a comprehensive list of skill sets required.

Will any candidate be required to pay fees or other charges either directly or indirectly in part or in whole for gaining recruitment, placement or employment??

We do not and will not ever charge candidates for gaining employment, nor should the employer charge you.

Will any seafarer be asked to pay for Visas?

If a Visa is required the costs should be borne by the employer. When this is not possible and a candidate has to obtain the Visa, the candidate should be reimbursed by the employer as per our terms and conditions.

Are there any mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter candidates from gaining employment for which they are qualified (black listing)?

Villarecruit does not have any mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter candidates from gaining employment for which they are qualified. Villarecruit has a strict no blacklist policy and believes in equal opportunities for all the candidates we deal with.

How does Villa Recruit treat candidates?

We pride ourselves on being a fair and just company. Candidates are not subject to exploitation by Villarecruit or their personnel with regard to the offer of engagement with particular employers.

How do I find training courses on Villa Recruit?

It’s easy. We currently have 944 courses listed on our database. To search these, simply click www.villarecruit.com/course-search.html to get started.

What happens if I cancel a booking?

If you book and pay for a course through our platform your relationship is always with the training provider and not with www.villarecruit.com. You therefore acknowledge that you are legally contracted to the training provider (used at the time of booking) and not CB Media Group Ltd. The terms and conditions for cancellations, refunds will be provided by the training provider at the time of booking.

Training Providers

How do I add training courses?

You’ll need to have a ‘Training’ account with us to add your courses. To sign up please click www.villarecruit.com/sign-up-emp.html?typeid=9.

It’s completely free to add your courses on our website and all enquiries will be sent to you via your email address. If you wish to increase your bookings and gain more exposure, then you have the option to join our marketplace.

The marketplace allows you to advertise your courses by adding dates and receive payment(s) to your nominated bank account. The cost of this service is 10% of the gross course fee and this is only ever charged if you receive a booking. No booking, no fee!

Why should I add my training courses?

With over 2641 registered crew and growing by around 10,000 per annum we offer the perfect place to reach your target demographic… Private Staff for Households & Estates!

What are the benefits?

  • Advertise your courses to thousands of candidates
  • Be seen and connect with your target audience
  • Your courses, promoted to the people that matter!
  • Increase your course bookings
  • Cost effective marketing
  • Strengthen your brand identity within the sector
  • Increase your reach and attract new customers
  • Put your training establishment on the map
  • Build SEO and lead generation
  • Engage with our users and grow with us

How much does it cost to list my courses?

It’s completely free to add your courses without dates.

If you wish to add dates and gain more exposure, then you’ll need to join ‘The Marketplace’. The marketplace costs 10% of the gross course fee and operates on a no booking, no fee policy! Therefore, you’ll never get charged a fee unless we’re generating you income!

To review our terms and conditions, please click here www.villarecruit.com/terms-and-conditions.html

How does the booking platform service work?

Our booking platform is integrated with www.stripe.com (online payment gateway) where you’ll need an account. It’s completely free to setup. Any courses booked through our platform will display within your ‘My Bookings’ section as either, Awaiting, Confirmed or Cancelled where you are given complete control over your customers and timetable.

What happens if I cancel a booking?

Cancelled bookings or partially refunded bookings are controlled within your ‘My Bookings’ section. Again, you are in complete control of your customers and timetable. Any refunded amounts will get sent directly to your customers along with our associated % fees (i.e. if you refund a customer, we’ll always refund our commission or a proportionate amount thereof)

What happens when I accept a booking?

Once a booking is confirmed, a confirmation email is sent to the customer and payment is taken. Payment is then sent into your Stripe account (minus our % fees) before settling into your nominated bank account, usually within 7 working days.

What happens if I forget to add dates to my courses?

Courses listed without dates are not eligible for online bookings. Courses listed without dates will become ‘email enquiry’ listings only and will appear at the bottom of our search results and receive far less exposure to our visitors. The best thing to do is join ‘The Marketplace’

I have some ideas on how to improve this website - who should I speak to?

Great...we love improvement! Please let us know your ideas and we may incorporate them in the future.

Tell me about how Villa Recruit uses Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds?

Villa Recruit is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds.

We connect to Facebook through the community, news and information part of the site. In our community section this includes any blogs users find interesting where they have the option to 'like' on their Facebook page. News and Information will be published from time to time on our Villa Recruit - Bringing Crew Together page.

Please join our group page to see the latest jobs, news, and articles of interest:

Here we use Twitter to inform followers of new positions available and exciting Villa Recruit news and information. Again, if users find interesting information from our community pages they can 'tweet' this to their friends. Stay informed, follow us today!

RSS Feeds
We use RSS for the latest jobs and positions. Stay connected and turn your feed on now!

From time to time we also send out our company newsletter to inform users of recent positions, news and information. Register today and keep updated!

Got something else to talk about?

Please contact us where you can write or send us an email.

New to Villa Recruit?

At Villa Recruit all our Professionals, Jobs and Courses are accessible whether you have an account or not. But to apply, advertise and manage these you’ll want to sign up for a Free Villa Recruit account.

We offer paid subscriptions for employers looking for staff (details below).

Click the button below for more information about what features are available to you as crew, employer or educational institution.

Our Membership Accounts

The Villa Recruit 24/7 Account

By subscribing to Villa Recruit you will gain unrestricted access to our entire professional database (2 members) 24/7, 365 days a year e.g. butlers, housekeepers, chefs, instructors, gardeners, security personnel, estate managers, child carers, pilots and more. This includes unlimited postings, ALL candidate contact details, CVs, references & certificates.

For more information please contact us or call now +44 (0)2380381929

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