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Why hire a domestic couple?

Ever thought that perhaps your staff would work more harmoniously if they already have a well-established bond of trust?  Ever considered the huge benefits hiring a domestic couple bring?  Well read on.

It can be tricky deciding exactly which role to hire for.  Every house and family is unique, just like their needs, but essentially every employer wants their household to run smoothly and efficiently, so they have the time and space to organise and focus on the business of the day.  Could be running the household, tending the garden, looking after the children, walking the dogs or organising the latest events on the estate?  An individual will offer a certain skillset, but you might need more than one role filled.   That’s why more and more households are looking to the ‘domestic couple’ to help their family, household and as a consequence, their working life run more smoothly

With a couple, not only do you get a professionally trained team, but you gain access to their combined diverse skills and experience, from two individuals already working closely enough to work well as a team, supporting one another when things get difficult or challenging.  Taking care of double the duties in the employer’s absence such as; gardening, childcare, pet care, household DIY and estate management.  Maintaining the home while you’re away and preparing a warm welcome on your return.

Traditionally the domestic couple would be a married couple, but these days domestic couples come in many forms.  Could be brother and sister, long-term boyfriend and girlfriend or just close friends.  But ultimately the benefit of a couple is that between them, they offer a wide range of diverse skills, happy to multi-task, with a history of working closely together they communicate well, aware of each other’s skills, strengths and weaknesses and between them can offer a far more efficient and effective team than two strangers who happen to have been employed separately and who you just have to hope end up working successfully and cohesively together.

Some couples are specialists, offering a specific combination of skills, focused on providing certain services which complement one another: Butler and Housekeeper, Nanny and Chef, Head Gardener and Events Manager.    Typically covering the following tasks between them:

  • Housekeeping
  • PA Duties
  • Cleaning
  • General Maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Household DIY
  • Cooking
  • Pet Care
  • Childcare
  • Driving

A couple will invariably share accommodation and salary too, so a more cost-efficient option for a family, rather than paying for separate members of staff who need separate accommodation.  If looked after well, the majority of domestic couples are loyal and highly skilled employees, who tend to stay for the long-term, making them invaluable and sought after.

For our latest domestic couple positions, simply search our jobs listings.

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