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The Swanky Shankly Grand Party Hotel

Have you caught up with BBC One’s Grand Party Hotel yet?  The real life docu-soap based on and in Liverpool’s Shankly Hotel.  A little reminiscent of the BBC’s series Hotel Babylon (2006-9), only with flamboyance, colour and a splash of Big Brother!  I can’t decide whether it’s decadent, exciting or kitsch in the extreme! 

Love it or hate it this extraordinary hotel has cornered the “party-dream” market.  With 83 uniquely themed rooms and suites, from bridal, communal (sleeps 24!) to sporting themed in memory of Liverpool’s football manager, Bill Shankly OBE.  Some boasting pink flamingos on the ceiling, some with lion’s heads on the walls, even toilets fashioned into thrones, and don't forget your very own hot tub!

Coined “a little bit of Las Vegas in the heart of Liverpool!"

This ultimate UK party destination hotel has captured people’s imaginations, with groups of friends flocking to celebrate anything from a birthday, baby shower to stag, hen night and wedding.  In one episode a soon to be granny hosted her daughter’s baby shower, an Insta “influencer” filled her ‘phone roll with selfies and a group of drag queens tottered about balancing shots.

And then there’s the team:

  • Lawrence and Katie the visionary, creative and ambitious Owners
  • Eric the Doorman, welcoming guests with a cheery smile
  • Liam the Concierge (or Guest Relations Manager) in charge of organising parties and designing the most extravagant hotel rooms possible.
  • Ciara the Wedding Planner, in charge of organising the hotel's biggest revenue stream.
  • Kris - Ex-UK soap Emmerdale actor turned Grand Hotel’s Senior Director

The Grand Party Hotel is not for the faint-hearted busting open our fascination with what really goes on behind hotel doors! As Kris has been reported as saying “this documentary gives viewers a fun sneak peek inside the world of The Shankly Hotel and how our guests like to party and celebrate in style with memorable occasions…"

The staff work hard though to cater for all their guest’s demands, nothing seems too much trouble or too bizarre a request!

As co-owner Laurence proudly admits they’ve created something “vivacious, big, loud, proud.”  The perfect backdrop for all those selfies and social media posts, it’s a win, win isn’t it? Guests pay to stay, then post and share images of the fabulous time they’re having … who needs to advertise!

Take a look at The Shankly Hotel and check out The Grand Party Hotel on BBCiplayer, you're in for a treat and a big fat dollop of party inspiration!

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