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The Role of Household Management with COVID

The role of the Household Manager has changed somewhat with the advent of coronavirus.  With lots of new responsibilities added to the original job description, the adage “Walking/Working Manager” really fits in these new times as private households reel from the limitations of the pandemic and fears of future lockdown and quarantine.

Running the household from behind a desk is no longer enough!

Employers will expect higher standards, tighter controls and crystal-clear procedures to reflect the demands of our times:

Household Managers will need to:

  1. Get fully up to speed with industry best practise to keep private households safe for families and staff.
  2. Work out whether to guarantee safer home environments, a professional should be employed to train domestic staff to new standards. There’s a current trend for highly qualified individuals from hospital backgrounds to be employed by restaurants and corporates to assess whether the working environment is safe, clean and managed efficiently. They add a solid skillset including; fantastic methodology, detail orientated and a keen eye for workflows.
  3. Prepare a Standard Operating Procedure manual so all staff know what protocols to follow, to limit infection and keep everyone safe. Including new and previously unusual procedures like cleaning areas, preparing for new work shifts and travelling to work.
  4. Follow thorough and correct personal sanitisation procedures; hand washing frequently, wearing masks, introducing new cleaning products and being aware of cross contamination risks.
  5. Identify contamination “hot spots” like; keypads, door handles, telephones, switches and remote controls, ensuring all existing and new staff are fully versed in the SOP procedures.
  6. Meet with staff more frequently to ensure everyone following procedures and find out where the gaps in knowledge are.
  7. Ensure that new people entering the home are aware of the procedures before they come into contact with staff.
  8. Reassure employees through more detailed and frequent meetings and clear communication.
  9. Motivate staff and reinforce the importance of following new standards.
  10. Adapt quickly and efficiently to the new semblance of normal.

Household Managers worth their salt will already be doing most of the points highlighted on our checklist, but there’s plenty of work to be done to improve and ensure private households are safe places for the family, staff, workers and visitors.

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