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The Chauffeur - Are you driven enough?

The role of the chauffeur is not just to offer personal transportation, but reliability, security and dependability.  Not to judge or express an opinion (unless specifically asked) but merely to make their client’s lives easier, for convenience.  To offer a discreet, friendly, reliable transportation service so they can keep up with their busy lives and schedules.

We met up with Russian born Serguei, founder of Red Bear Services based in Hampshire, who explained a bit about what it takes to be a great Chauffeur; whether yours is a demanding work schedule, shopping expedition, transportation to the station, airport or airfield, driving the family from A to B safely.  As a personal driver, your role is to provide a comfortable, reliable and meticulous transportation services:

TRUST – as their chosen driver, it’s vital clients like and trust you, after all you’re driving them and often their loved ones around, so they must feel they can trust you, trust that you’ll look after them and get them and their associates and family from A to B safely. 

RELIABILITY – your clients will have a busy schedule, meetings to attend, flights overseas, pre-arranged and sometimes spontaneously arranged gatherings, social engagements and shopping trips to attend, so it’s important clients know you are going to turn up to collect them and deliver them to their destination on time and when you’ve committed to being there.

PUNCTUALITY – I’m a good time-keeper, always have been, it’s my training in the military. Always arrive ahead of time so you’re ready and waiting to collect your client when they’re ready, getting them to their chosen destination unhurried, unflustered and on time.  Your job is to make their transportation effortless so they can concentrate on the business of the day.

PATIENCE – a lot of a chauffeur’s day can be spent waiting, so you’ll need to be patient, comfortable waiting for your clients, whose schedules are likely to change at a moment’s notice.

EXPERIENCE – having worked for private families, businessmen and women from all over the world, Serguei has the experience and a proven track record in providing a helpful personal driving service for demanding clients who expect nothing short of excellence.

DISCRETION – Remaining respectful of client’s privacy you should offer a quiet, friendly, courteous and discreet service at all times, concentrating only on ensuring you maintain the client’s schedule.

FLEXIBILITY – appreciate that your clients plans can change at a moment’s notice, so it helps to remain unflustered at all times, ready to change the plan or route accordingly, endeavouring to deliver your client where they need to be, when they expect to be there 

LINGUISTIC ABILITY – having another language is helpful, Serguei is Russian-born, so being able to speak both English and Russian makes him all the more invaluable. 

DOCUMENTATION – make sure you have all your documentation in place, from medicals, insurances, licences to the upkeep and quality of your vehicle.  Clients will expect everything to be in place and of the highest standard.

SECURITY – a driver with experience in security is really worth their salt. In most cases clients don’t really pay much attention to the journey itself but are more likely focused on their intended destination, so it’s worth being aware that High Net Worth individuals and their family members sitting, often stationery in traffic, sometimes visible in traffic, are extremely vulnerable.

The route and potential hold-ups should be planned and risk assessed before-hand with all possible and necessary precautions taken.  With a background in security, Serguei is used to being aware of his circumstances, possibly working with colleagues in support vehicles, and as an extension of the household staff, often tasked with transporting individuals safely from one location to another in scenarios which may present a threat, depending on the individual, location and circumstance.

LOYALTY – loyalty and commitment to their employers make chauffeurs a truly valuable asset for any individual interested in their own safety.

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