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Norland Celebrates 128 years

This month we thought we'd throw the spotlight on those fabulous Norland nannies who graduate from Norland College. With their instantly recognisable uniform, we wanted to find out more about the history, heritage and values of Norland College

Norland College was founded in 1892 by Emily Ward with children’s early years education in mind.

Influenced by the ideas of Friedrich Frobel - creator of the kindergarten concept - Emily recognised that every child has unique needs and capabilities and should have access to childcare that facilitates that.

As the first educational establishment in the UK to offer any kind of childcare training, Norland was focused on the need for early years childcare to be more structured.  Totally centred around the child.

Prior to that children were cared for by untutored housemaids before they went to school, so Norland provided a platform for the best early years training and education, giving those children a more loving, nurturing and stimulating environment.

How did Norland begin?

Born in the summer of 1850, Emily was a pioneer of her time.  Working in Notting Hill High School as an infant teacher in her early twenties, founding Norland Place School at just 26. By 1881 she was living in Norland Square, as proprietor and teacher of Kinder Garten and 11 years later opened the Norland Institute.  The first childcare training provider, aptly named after their location in London's Notting Hill.  A training school for young women and children's nurses, developed and adapted for the growing needs of young children and their families.

Emily soon realised that to be recognised as professionals, her nurses should wear uniform when in training and whilst at work - just as easily recognisable and respected as nurses.  Originally supplied by Debenhams and Freebody in London's Kensington, 1895, their capes were replaced by coats during the 1940's to reduce the use of silk in support of parachute production, as part of the war effort.  Whilst their uniform is a strong part of the Norland heritage, graduates aren't expected to wear it whilst working in a family, unless the family specifically requests it, in which case it's worn with pride.

The college moved location to York Villa, Bath in 2003, a building originally owned by King George III's son the Duke of York.  With up to date academic childcare courses, Norland introduced a BA (Hons) degree in 2008 and last year were granted their first step towards University status - taught Degree Awarding Powers by the Privy Council. 

Norland's values for children are at it's core, with their motto "Love Never Faileth" central to all they do.  Combining up to date research and knowledge with practical training.

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