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How to be the perfect butler

Impeccable Manners

Are your manners impeccable?  By that I mean not just minding your p's and q's, but knowing when to keep quiet and maintaining a degree of decorum. Consistently.  As your employer's butler you will be expected to remain polite, discrete and opinion-less at all times.  You should be kind, understanding, possess humility and be ready to listen carefully and agree whenever your opinion is invited. If your relationship with your employer is such that your opinion is one she/he genuinely seeks then express it honestly, without judgement or criticism.

Exceptional Service

Remember you are there to provide an exceptional level of service, consistently and without question, so it won't go down well if you make a fuss or point out your employer's faults.

Utter Discretion

Don't let your personality overpower the role of butler. Yours is a discrete role within the household and you will be expected to carry out tasks patiently, quietly and respectfully without opinion or complaint. You are in a privileged position of trust at the heart of your employer's household, so don't give your employer any reason to question or regret it.


Modesty is an attribute well sought after by employers when looking for the perfect butler.  You will be expected to complete tasks to an extremely high standard, without fuss or ceremony and remain modest when praised, rather than agreeing or highlighting how much work you've done or how many hours you've worked.  As butler you will be expected to ensure the house runs like clockwork, that's your job, so don't expect lots of praise all the time.


Whilst modesty is an attractive attribute, so is pride in your work and a devotion to your employer.  The perfect butler should be loyal to the household, employer and their family.  You will be expected to carry out a whole range of tasks to the best of your ability, so take pride in your work, it will be all the more enjoyable and you'll feel great job satisfaction.  After all, you want your employer to quietly realise that the reason the household runs so smoothly is because you are there ensuring everything runs like clockwork. 

Obviously the butler duties depends on the individual employer, but here's a little overview of some typical butler tasks...

Hosting - answering household telephone calls, greeting guests at the door, assisting with planning dinner parties and events, managing the wine cellar and serving food and drink.

Managing staff - this could include recruiting and training new staff, overseeing the staff rota, firing when appropriate and managing payroll.

Employer's Valet - in a more traditional household, your employer may require a personal valet service.

Miscellaneous duties might include; chauffeuring, cleaning, maintenance, administrative and security plus overseeing of silver, works of art and antiques. 

Obviously every household is run differently and very much according to individual taste, so everything from dress code to duties is customised according to household, experience and employer.

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