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Flower Arranging Made Easy

We can all appreciate the impact of a beautiful flower arrangement, but how do you achieve it with little or no training?  Here are some really simple tips for making an impact without the stress.

  1. Choose your colour palette – decide which colours you want to feature but remember classy, elegant displays are often achieved with the simplest of colour ways. So, stick to 1 or 2 colours, that’s all you need to create a simple, elegant but impactful floral display.  For example: only buy white and green flowers. 

TIP: Often the more colours you choose, the more hectic, crazy and distracting the effect.

  1. Flower finds - If you can’t get to your gorgeous local flower market (you’ll probably have to get up super early but it’s worth the effort!) then simply visit your local florist or grocery store and choose a selection of flowers in your chosen colours.

TIP: A mix of flower type, head shape, scent and structure will enable you to create an interesting and varied display

  1. Location, location, location – think about where your floral display is going to go. Will it be in the entrance hall, adorning reception rooms, bedrooms or in the dining room. Are the flowers for everyday brightening, décor and colour or to dress the table for a specific function or reception?

TIP: Think flowers to suit the occasion.

  1. Vases – don’t be confined to just standard vases. Think outside the box if you want to create an unusual or memorable display. You might be able to repurpose old candle glasses once the wax is finished. Once the glasses are empty and cleaned out, they serve as a great way to hold floral displays for a long table because they’re nice and low and you’ve already paid for them.

TIP: for the more unusual and quirky, visit your local flea market, you might pick up a beautiful crystal, French crystal vase or copper bucket that lends itself to unusual floral displays.

  1. Back to the flowers – separate out the colours and types of flowers. So, all whites together, all greens together. All lilies together, all hydrangeas together for example.  That way you can see what you’ve got.

TIP: make sure you’ve got lots of space to spread out the flowers you’re working with.

  1. Hold them like a bouquet – slowly start to put the flower heads together in one hand and hold them firmly in place like a bridal bouquet, pulling off any excess leaves you don’t want.

TIP: step away and look at how the shape and structure of your bouquet is developing from different angles.

  1. Create Interest – Use a mix of flowers to create interest, so have some flat, some standing proud, so there is structure and shape to your bouquet. Having a variation of shape creates interest.

TIP:  Keep some contrasting greens within the bouquet for dramatic effect.

  1. Once your bouquet is complete, pop your vase near the edge of your working area and hold your flowers alongside the vase to the height you want them to hit once they’re in the vase. Then you can visualise where you need to cut the stems, so once they’re dropped into the vase they’re at the right height.

TIP: Hold the flowers alongside the working area but next to the vase to visualise the right height.

  1. Snip – cut all the stems at the same length.

TIP: Cut the stems at an angle.

  1. Vase Neck – if your vase has a wide neck you might need to wrap or tie the stems to hold the bouquet firmly in place, but if you don’t want to wrap them, pick a vase with a narrower top so you can gently drop them into the vase, held in one place.

TIP: Step back and check the display from all angles.

6 Easy Tips

  • 1 -2 colours
  • Gorgeous vase at the thrift store
  • Treat it like a bouquet
  • See how it looks
  • Cut it all the same length
  • Hand-tie instead of tying, hold it and drop it in. 

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